We Are Dever Determined!

 Every Child. Every Minute. Every Day.

We do whatever it takes to ensure every child reaches their full potential.


The vision of the Paul A. Dever Elementary School is to prepare all students for academic success by equipping them with the tools to become great readers, writers, thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators, and positive change agents. To do this, we provide all students with:

  • World Class Education

    We believe all students at Dever deserve access to a world class education; one that allows them to excel in college, careers, and beyond.
  • Personalized Learning

    We know that Dever’s students have diverse learning needs and have worked diligently to understand their breadth, depth, and complexity. We work to ensure every student at Dever receives the individualized services, support, and instruction they need to be successful.
  • A Community that Celebrates Diversity

    We know Dever serves families from diverse cultural, economic, and linguistic backgrounds and celebrate this diversity every day in Dever’s classrooms, curriculum, and school community.
  • Research-Based Strategies

    We have taken great care to integrate research-based strategies and supports throughout all aspects of the school’s design to ensure all students will be served successfully.
  • A Collaborative Culture

    Our vision for Dever is realized in a collaborative atmosphere where students, staff, parents, and the community are respected, appreciated, encouraged, and supported.


Our English Language Arts focus: Teachers will prepare for and use standards-aligned, scaffolded, text-dependent questions (and responses) that help students to engage in text-based discussion and writing, toward key understanding in text.

Our Math focus: Teachers will continue to study the major work of the grade to understand the demands and aspects of rigor called for by the standards, and analyze instructional materials, including assessments, and measure progress to help students express themselves orally and in writing.

In addition, we have a strong focus on arts integration in our curriculum and instruction, imcluding implementing a state-of-the-art piano lab, and have redesigned our community engagement strategies to best support our students!