Family Engagement

Dever welcomes and encourages every family to become active participants in the classroom and our school community.

Our teachers communicate with families on a weekly (or daily) basis and as needed through written or verbal communication modes and collaborate with parents to share instructional and behavioral strategies and noticings regarding student performance. Our teachers also send home daily or weekly progress reports that focus on academic performance and behavior.

In addition, Dever’s Family Engagement Office is partnered with many organizations and works to share with families and students the great resources that the surrounding Dever community has to offer. We are happy to work with parents in obtaining information and resources to support their families. Whether it is an after-school program, youth sports team, tutoring, mentoring, counseling, or housing support, we work with families every day to get them set up with referrals for these programs and many more. Our City Connects Coordinator, Julia Vogel, provides support for students and families related to services both in school and out of school. Read more about our partners.

Dever's School Parent Council (SPC)/School Site Council (SSC) plays a key role in bringing our community together to support the school and advocate for quality education. Every parent or guardian of a BPS student is automatically a member of the School Parent Council. The SPC works closely with the School Site Council to review the school’s budget, recommend programs, sponsor events, solve problems, and raise funds for special school activities.

NEXT School Parent Council Meeting on Wednesday, February 7th 

Dever’s School Parent Council (SPC) will meet on Wednesday, February 7th at 5:00pm to discuss school items. All Dever parents, guardians and Dever Dolphin friends are encouraged to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

Dolphins for Change

Hello Dever Community! We realize that many of our students and their family and friends have been impacted by, or wish to help those impacted by recent hurricanes. So, the Dolphins for Change campaign, a school-wide effort where a change jar was placed in each classroom, began in late September. To date, more than $250 has been collected toward ongoing relief efforts!

Attendance Goals and Regulations

Dever Elementary School’s attendance goal is 95%. Regular attendance every day is very important and critical to students’ academic achievement and future success. Massachusetts General Law states that students must regularly attend school. Parents/guardians must provide the school with accurate contact information and must inform the school when their child/children will be absent.

For questions about our family engagement, attendance, our partners, or Dever's School Parent Council, please contact Helena Finnegan at (617) 635-8694.

​​It is imperative that the attendance process is followed with fidelity. Remember, if students are not in school, they cannot learn! The flowchart below details the process that Dever Elementary School follows to ensure that each and every one of our students is in school, every day!

1st Absence
  • Phone call home requesting note for absence
  • Update student record online (**document all efforts)
2nd & 3rd Absence
  • Phone call home and student record updated
  • Letter sent home with dates of absences and school’s attendance policy
  • Possible consequences of unexcused absences listed
4th Absence
  • Referral to SST or Attendance Team to develop a plan to improve attendance
  • Request family meeting with Principal and teacher
5th-7th Absence
  • Referral to Family Resource Center
  • Boston Public Health Commision (Connecting Families to Schools)
  • Home visit
8th Absence
  • Attendance Card Submitted by school, Fax court checklist to SOA
  • ADF/CRA filed by Supervisor of Attendance in Boston Juvenile Courthouse
  • Probation Officer can contact the school in regards to the case